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Learning Chinese can be easier than you think!

Welcome to Chinese at Ease!

My name is Xian. I’m a native Chinese, certified teacher, and the founder and manager of this website. I help people and companies to learn about Chinese language and culture.

Being a Chinese teacher for over 7 years, I see the common mistakes made by my students in learning Chinese. We often say that there is no real success if you never make mistakes. In language learning, particularly Chinese learning, this is the absolute truth. Mistakes are as valuable as a great teacher. Therefore, I decide to blog about my teaching experiences and note down all the things happen in my classes. Through doing this, I hope you can learn from me, my students and accelerate your Chinese.

Is it possible to master Chinese?

Of course it is! If you simply do a quick search on youtube, you can already find tons of videos of foreigners speaking Chinese. A common feeling of Chinese is that it’s a language that’s impossible to really master. If you find someone who have been learning Chinese for years but still do not speak much, then it most likely that the study method is not optimal. Once you did it, the reward is, you will feel so much confidence in yourself and will be admired by others.  Watch my interview with my friend Maurice who speaks fluent Chinese on he learned Chinese.

How I can help you via my blog articles on this site:

Most of the blog articles you can find here are about the language Mandarin Chinese itself. Obviously speaking is the primary goal of many Chinese learners, thus many of the writings you can find on the site are about how to speak Chinese, how to pronounce Chinese accurately, tips on building up your Chinese vocabularies, advice on expressing yourself coherently, etc.

Are you having problems with Chinese pronunciation? Or are you get stressed out on how to learn Chinese characters? Or Are you looking for cool apps to practice Chinese? Here are a few quick articles to help you get started:

Build up your Chinese vocabularies:

8 Chinese phrases you should know

Colors used in Chinese idioms

How to flirt in Chinese (manual for guys)

30 Chinese Idioms to do with animals

Chinese characters:

How to Learn Characters Effectively

How to learn Chinese characters with “亻”

Chinese Character Explained: 家

Chinese culture:

3 Classic Chinese Poems about the Moon You Should Know

Guide to the Traditional Festivals in China

Social Media in China

Chinese Gift-Giving: What Not to Give

Building and maintaining a blog website are some serious work, which I do with major joy fortunately. However, I do appreciate your encouragement to keep this going. Thus:

This is how you can help me:

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I look forward to discussing Mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture with you. I wish you a happy learning on this site!

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