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Chinese for your personal growth & business success!
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Never be out of words on your trip to China!
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Learning Chinese can be easier than you think!

Our Classes & Events

Welcome to Chinese at Ease!

Learning Chinese should be easy and can be made fun too. We are here to remove the thought of “Chinese = Mission Impossible” from your mind. With us, you will discover the colorful and rich culture of Chinese language.

Over the past three years, we have helped students from more than 11 countries with their Chinese learning at various levels. Whether you want to learn Chinese out of interest, for work reason, or in order to talk with your Chinese in-laws, our beginner course is a safe course to help you quickly get a grasp of the language. In addition, for those who prefer a concentrated approach or only have limited time, our intensive course is proven to be effective too, especially among working professionals. Our courses will not only immerse you into the world of Chinese language, but also the world of Chinese culture.

What makes us your first choice to learn Chinese?

Simple: Our results speak for themselves. We have many satisfied students with a return rate of 80%. This makes us your ideal partner to learn Mandarin Chinese!

Our teaching method:

Speaking is the primary focus. We help you to speak Mandarin Chinese in the shortest time with:

• Accuracy – perfect your tones

• Fluency – express yourself coherently

• Vocabulary – words that you really need

• An understanding for China – understand the culture behind the language

Upcoming Courses

CoursesStarting DatesTime & LocationJoin
Chinese Beginner Course Regular Every Mon & Wed, 29 Sept - 29 Oct7-9PM, Eindhoven CenterDetail
Chinese Language WorkshopSaturday, 21 September2.30-4.30PM, Eindhoven CenterDetail
Chinese Course IntensiveEvery Mon - Fri. 22-27 Sept 9.30AM-4.30PM Eindhoven CenterDetail