Learn Chinese & practice Chinese via stories in pinyin & characters

This site is dedicated to help you learn Chinese and practice Chinese. We are a group of Chinese teachers living and working in the Netherlands. While teaching Chinese as a foreign language is the profession, blogging about Chinese stories is the hobby.

Students often ask us to recommend suitable Chinese practice materials. There are many high quality Chinese study books as well as many valuable learning tools online (flashcards, dictionaries, etc), however it seems still problematic to find sufficient materials to practice with, especially for reading. Therefore, we decide to use this site to provide you with reading materials (mostly in the form of stories).

Each story comes with audio, pinyin, characters as well as English translation. One advise for students learning Chinese is to read, more specifically, read out loud. In our experiences, reading can help you improve other skills too (listening, speaking, writing). Therefore, take use of the stories here, may be you can also record your own.

Wish you a lot of success with your studies!

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