HSK 4 Prep Course

Welcome! China’s Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) is the standardized language test used to determine the Mandarin level of non-native speakers. It has 6 levels, equivalent of the A1-C2 Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Are you reading to get this useful diploma? Need some help with your HSK exam preparation? Continue reading.

Get your HSK4 diploma in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the HSK exams are held once every month in Leiden University. This means that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take this exam. With this course, you will feel fully prepared and ready to get this useful diploma.

Taking HSK 4 in the Netherlands:

  • Test center: Leiden University
  • Test fee: 60EUR
  • Exam dates in 2017:


2017 HSK Test Dates Deadline for Registration Dates of Results announced
12 Feb 2017 2 Feb 12 Mar
19 Mar 2017 9 Mar 3 Apr
22 Apr 2017 12 Apr 8 May
20 May 2017 10 May  5 Jun
11 Jun 2017 15 May 11 Jul
17 Sept 2017 7 Sept  2 Oct

HSK4 Prep Course

This course will help you to get prepared for the HSK4 exam and is suitable for students who have already passed HSK3 or have an equivalent level.

HSK4 requires a vocabulary of roughly 1200 words, some of which appear appear more often in exams than others. In this course, the key words will be pointed out and mastered in an interactive manner. All test questions use Chinese characters, with no pinyin provided. This means the ability to read characters is expected. Using flashcards as well as other memory tools, we’ll extensively train you to memorize the common used characters.

Dates Time & Location Cost Join
Every Sunday, 15 Jan-2 Apr, 2017 2-4PM, Rotterdam CAE office (15min from Rotterdam CS) 320EUR Apply

A HSK4 exam contains:

  • Listening (45 questions, 30min)
  • Reading comprehension (40 questions, 40min)
  • Writing (15 questions, 25min)

We’ll focus on listening and reading comprehension which are the most difficult part for students. Through extensive test exercises and grammar training, you’ll be prepared for the exam.


Focused training on listening to improve the weak points in a quick manner

  • summary of commonly asked questions
  • summary of common mistakes
  • tips on how to grasp the key points when doing listening
  • tips on how to answer the questions

Reading Comprehension

  • conquer each test section individually
  • tips to avoid common mistakes
  • tips on increasing reading speed
  • tips on grasping key points when doing reading comprehension

Sample test

Click here for HSK4 sample test.


If you have any further questions and inquiries, feel free to get in touch: info@chinese-at-ease.com