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Chinese for Beginners Course

Would you like to learn and speak Mandarin Chinese? But you are afraid it will be too difficult? Good news: Learning Chinese is easier than you think.

Join the Chinese course for beginners to discover the beauty of this language. Mandarin (普通话 pǔ tōng huà) is the official language of China and is the No.1 language in the world in terms of the number of speakers. This Chinese course for beginners promises to provide you classes with:

  • > native-speaking Mandarin teacher
  • > Sufficient practice time in class
  • > Off-class assistance by our teacher
  • > A combination of Chinese language & culture
  • > Fun and effective way of learning Chinese

Note: at the Chinese for Beginners Course, we keep our groups small to ensure sufficient attention from the teacher to everyone and sufficient practice time for each student.

Learning Chinese is not only to acquire a language skill, but also to learn a new way of thinking. The vivid differences in languages reflect how Chinese people think. Through learning its language, you’ll have a deep understanding of Chinese culture and know better how to work with and deal with Chinese people in general.

How is it like to learn Chinese? What are the features of Mandarin Chinese? Once you get started, you will notice that the grammar of Chinese is much logical and thus easier to grasp.
Here are a few examples. In Mandarin, there is:
1) No conjugations: the verb stays the same; irrelevant to the subject, the tense or anything else
2) No tenses: no change of verbs. tenses are expressed through particles which are easy to use
3) No genders: no such concept as feminine or masculine or neutral words
4) No articles: no such thing as “the” or “a“, or “dit” “dat” as in Dutch
5) No plurals: nouns stay unchanged. The context or the quantifiers will make clear if it’s singular or plural In short: Chinese is easier than you may have thought. This Chinese Beginner course will guarantee you an exciting study experience! In this course, you will work on the following aspects of Mandarin Chinese: reading, listening, speaking and writing.

We understand it’s very important for beginners to:
1) master the pronunciations correctly, especially the tones: throughout the course, extensive effort is made to help you learn Pinyin (the alphabetical system of writing Chinese) and correctly pronounce Chinese words.
2) understand the system of Chinese characters: understanding the structure can help you greatly with learning characters. We break down each character and explain the construction to help you learn characters easily.
3) speak with confidence and with fluency: our goal is to help you speak not only correctly but also fluently. This is achieved by extensive exercises in class. In this course, we use Experiencing Chinese: Living in China (textbook, workbook, MP3 CDs).

In addition, you will receive our internal handouts, which are valuable additional materials with extensive reading and speaking drills, perfect for studying at home and doing your homework.

Did you know that:
>* you’ll learn phrases and expressions that can be used immediately in daily life
>* part of the students join the Chinese for Beginners Course for work related reasons; part of them, because of their Chinese spouses
>* the previous students include professionals from ASML, E&Y, Philips, NXP, EPO,etc.

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CityDatesTime & LocationCostJoin
Rotterdam Wednesdays7 Sept - 26 Oct9am-11am, Rotterdam CAE office (15min from CS)255EURapply
Rotterdam Saturdays3 Sept - 22 Oct9am-11am, Rotterdam CAE office (15min from CS)255EURapply

Chinese for Beginners Course
5 weeks * 3hours/week in Rotterdam

Course in Rotterdam (Wednesdays)
Time: 9am-11am
Dates: 7 Sept – 26 Oct
Location: CAE office (15min from Rotterdam Central station)

Course in Rotterdam (Saturdays)
Time: 9am-11am
Dates: 3 Sept – 22 Oct
Location: CAE office (15min from Rotterdam Central station)

What our students say: Click here to see what our students say about our Chinese classes.