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Chinese at Ease is proud to be the Chinese language provider for High Tech Campus Eindhoven.HTC-LogoCourse Description

Have you wondered what Mandarin Chinese really is? Are you thinking of going to China for work or for holiday and need some language skills first?

This Chinese Course is to help you get a grasp of what Mandarin Chinese is and what it means to learn and speak Chinese. Whether for personal or professional reasons, you want to master Mandarin Chinese as quickly as possible. To be able to speak and communicate in real life situations is the most important aspect in this Chinese Summer Course. We will help you to achieve freedom of oral expression about daily topics in an effective way.

Course Schedule

      • Date: Every Mon & Thur, 7 Mar – 11 Apr
      • Time: 12-1.30pm
      • Location: High Tech Campus, De Boerderij, HTC 61
      • Expense: 255EUR (​It’s possible to try out the course in the 1st week. The trial cost is 50EUR for a 3-hour class)

Learning Chinese is not only to acquire a language skill, but also to learn a new way of thinking. The vivid differences in languages reflect how Chinese people think differently from you. Through learning its language, you’ll have a deep understanding of Chinese culture and know better how to work with and deal with Chinese people in general.  Here are a few examples. In Mandarin, there is:

  • 1)      No conjugations: the verb stays the same; irrelevant to the subject, the tense or anything else
  • 2)      No tenses: no change of verbs. tenses are expressed through particles which are extremely easy to use
  • 3)      No genders: no such a concept as feminine or masculine or neutral words
  • 4)      No articles: no such thing as “the” or “a“, or “dit” “dat” as in Dutch
  • 5)      No plurals: nouns stay unchanged. The context or the quantifiers will make clear if it’s singular or plural

In short: Chinese is easier than you think. The course will guarantee you an exciting study experience!

Benefits for You


  • > * Classes at convenient times & location
  • > * Time-saving

Language skills that you will achieve:

  • > *Skillfully use of 200-300 words
  • > *Be able to recognize 50-80 Characters
  • > *Be acquainted with the Chinese culture
  • > *A in-depth understanding the language of Mandarin Chinese (its pronunciation, the tones, grammar, sentence structures, etc)

The Chinese course is well-received at High Tech Campus. See HERE the presentations of previous students and what they say about the classes.

Sign Me Up

Fill in this FORM to sign up for the course. For more information and questions about joining the class, please get in touch via:

CourseStarting DateTime & LocationJoin
Chinese Course at HTCEvery Mon & Thur, 7 Mar - 11 Apr12-1.30pm, HTCapply

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