Course Arrangements

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18-22 March 6-10 May9.30 - 16.30 Rotterdam Center Eindhoven Center apply

Date: Monday to Friday (also possible from a Wednesday to a Sunday)
Time: 09.30-16.30 (5 mins break after every 45 min; lunch break between 12.30-13.30)
Location: Rotterdam center and Eindhoven center or client’s office / home (with additional travel costs) (For other cities, please contact us by e-mail for more information)
Price: 1775EUR excl.VAT

• daily Chinese lunch will be included
• unlimited Chinese tea, coffee and soft drinks
• free consultation with the teacher throughout the course
• free follow-up conversation classes (45min) every month

Chinese Intensive Course

At Chinese at Ease, the core value we hold firmly is to help you learn Chinese as effectively as possible. To be able to speak and communicate in real life situations is the most important aspect in our Intensive Chinese Course. Our native-speaking teachers understand how to guide you to achieve maximized results and fun at the same time.

The goal

  • *To communicate fluently on daily topics in Chinese
  • *To speak Chinese without a typical or strong accent
  • *To acquire an in-depth understanding of Chinese language and culture
  • *To achieve a confidence that will take you a long way in learning not only Chinese, but also any other language you may endeavor

The teachings are strictly adhere to:

• professional and effective classes

• targeting to your study goal (what you wish to learn and what’s relevant to you)

• Focusing on accuracy & fluency (you will be able to use what you learned in real life situations immediately)

• A Chinese mind: (you’ll be equipped with not only the language but also the Chinese culture) In one week, you will be fully immersed in Chinese language & culture. Not only will our teacher speak Chinese to you the entire time, to ensure you hear and speak Chinese as much as possible, but you will also be exposed to various aspects of Chinese culture, including Chinese food. The lunch break will be between 12.30-13.30 every day. You will enjoy delicious Chinese meals together with the group and the teacher.

Note: At the end of the course, we will test your level and advise you on suitable study programs. If the student reaches the desired level and would like to continue, the training can be extended.

What our students say: Click HERE to see what our students say about our Chinese classes. The Intensive Course is perfect for in-company training at the convenience of your your office. Does your company need to arrange Chinese courses for specific employees? Get in touch with us.

Total -beginners

For total beginners

Get a quick start with Chinese in one week! Many of our students are pleasantly surprised how much they can learn in just one week. They normally come to us with the idea that Chinese is immensely difficult. However, once the class starts, they would quickly immerse in the world of Chinese and find that Chinese is easier than they have thought!

What can you expect in one-week’s study?

For total beginners, how is a content outline of what you will master:

• overall understanding of Chinese sound (pinyin) and writing system (characters)

• greetings and introducing yourself & others

• talk about countries, nationalities and languages (which countries you’ve been to, what languages you speak…)

• talk about your family, work: where you come from, where you live, where you work; how many people in your family and who are they, who are your colleagues (nationalities, departments, titles), what kind of work you do

• count numbers and say amounts (to buy things in shops, to ask number of items…)

• Say time, date, month, year, hours and discuss what time you do something (e.g. get up, go to work, eat food, do sports, go to shops..) and make appointments

• talk about likes and dislikes (about food, drinks, places, movies, books, shops…)

• order food and drinks (at someone’s office, in a restaurant, at friend’s house…)

• discuss ways of transportation and make comparisons: explain how you go to work, go to shops and which is faster & slower or expensive & cheap

• make trip plans (when, how and with who..)
For people with some knowledge of Chinese:
The one-week power course is also suitable for people with some knowledge of Chinese already. We will take into account what you have learned before and what you wish to achieve.
To do this, we will conduct an in-take interview with you before the course starts, in which we will discuss with you:
  • • what you’d like to learn (for business, travel, family, or others)
  • • your previous Chinese-learning experiences (where, when, how many hours, what content, materials used…)
  • • a small sample test to determine your level
  • • what you’d like to focus on (speaking or writing)
After the in-take, we will make a detailed course proposal for your situation. In the process, your teachers will regularly review and see if the progress adheres to the study goal.

The study continues: FREE conversation class

For those who attended the powerful intensive course, following up, once a month, you can request a 45min one-on-one conversation class! The conversation class can be in office or via Skype. The class is a guarantee that your learning is continuing, all the time.

In this class, you can discuss whatever topic you like. You can even use this session to read to me if you want to perfect your tones. The great thing about this class is that you can refresh your memories and implement what you’ve learned. The focus is on speaking, speaking and speaking. Have you been traveling recently? Did you watch any movie or show? What happened at work or at your children’s school? Your teacher is curious to hear about them – in Chinese:-)

Note: this class is solely reserved for people who’ve taken part in the 5-day intensive course. Slots are limited, and therefore first come, first serve. If you’d like to schedule a free conversation class, simply drop an email (see email address on contact page): Hey, I’d like to have a conversation with my teacher XXX on … (date & time).

P.S: make sure you know what you want to talk about in advance (work, recent movie watched, TV shows, news, life, travel….). We’ll be able to have a great conversation!