Clients & Testimonials

Chinese at Ease is proud to have helped professionals of the following nationalities to learn Chinese: the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, India, Poland, France, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Italy, Ireland, Finland, Greece, Latvia and many more!

Gonzalo Perez
Gonzalo Perez
I'm really happy that I found Chinese at Ease. For me, it is a really good website to learn Chinese and its material is quite different compared to other sites I know. I find this a very good idea to have resources in the form of short simple stories and fairy tales. There is always pinyin transcription which really helps. Besides, each story has a list of vocabulary that you can see the translation (even though i try to avoid checking it as much as possible). The best part is that you can listen to it and it is very dynamic site with fresh new contents. All this makes it a really good way to push your Chinese skills to the next level.
    Anita Turcsanyiova
    Anita TurcsanyiovaProject Manager, SCA Slovakia

    Training "Working and dealing with Chinese culture“ was excellent! During the training we got an overview how the Chinese are thinking and behaving in practical situation, who they are and we got some clarity also on the commercial point of view.

      Eelco Gulpen, Dutch
      Eelco Gulpen, Dutch

      I followed beginner and advance Mandarin classes. In short time frame she managed to improve my Mandarin skills significantly. The teacher's learning methods are very well established and diverse. Further the teacher is always interested in you as person. I definitely recommend Chinese at Ease to anyone who wants to study Mandarin at all levels.

        Lynelle Barrett, American & Dutch
        Lynelle Barrett, American & DutchWriter

        The Chinese class is a combination of a cultural and a language training, which really helps as a memory aid to learn the characters. I never felt overwhelmed by the exercises at class or the homework!

          Zsolt Verheer, Hungarian
          Zsolt Verheer, HungarianEngineer, European Patent Office

          To follow the class was a great pleasure. The lessons are very well prepared and designed. The teacher was always able to keep up my attention and motivation. I didn’t only learn the language, but a bit of the culture as well!

            Laurence Souloumiac, French & Dutch
            Laurence Souloumiac, French & DutchAid worker

            After my Chinese for Beginners course, I was able to find my way around in China quite easily. I felt confident to ask for directions and was really happy to use the basics with the Chinese people around me.

              Aran& Pol, Italian & Spanish expat children
              Aran& Pol, Italian & Spanish expat children8 & 6 years old (Testimonial by their mother)

              My children follow a private Chinese course at home. The teacher is professional and passionate. She is able to keep my children motivated and interested to learn the Chinese language. The classes are great fun and the teacher has a wonderful feeling for people of all ages, especially children.

                Stan Dammen, Dutch
                Stan Dammen, DutchIT Specialist at Vanderlande Industries

                After two sessions of private classes, I've learned a great deal about the Chinese language and culture. I now feel confident that I can speak with natives speakers when I go back to China. The teacher is very inspiring and motivating! Learning with her is a great way to success.

                  Ankur Sharma, Indian
                  Ankur Sharma, IndianSoftware Engineer, ASML

                  I found the intensive course extremely useful and professional. It offered me a chance to immerse myself in Chinese language and culture. It has left a profound and vivid memory of everything I learned. The visits to Chinese restaurants added a nice flavor to the course and I was able to practice my Chinese at the same time. I have found these intensive courses better than the regular ones and I believe it's a worthwhile investment. I would recommend it to everybody.

                    A.Peters, DutchSoftware Engineer, ASML

                    I found the intensive course very useful. Indeed, in 5 days, I learned a lot. That's a pleasant surprise, as I initially thought I might be struggling to learn Chinese. The program is of high quality and the class is well conducted, with sufficient speaking exercises. Even though 5 days in a row seemed very intensive, what I appreciated the most was that the teacher was able to keep me highly motivated at all times. I would recommend this intensive course highly to anybody, who is really serious about learning Mandarin Chinese.

                      Siobhán, Irishlanguage teacher

                      I found the online classes excellent and great as you can take them from the comfort of your home. Exercises are repetitive and hence memorable. The Skype message board is practical to display the new vocab. Notes are concise and pertinent to the HSK exam. I would highly recommend Chinese at Ease.

                        Memy Wong, Dutch
                        Memy Wong, DutchTax Accountant at NXP

                        This is a course that gives you an insight into the Chinese language. Apart from learning the pronunciations and grammar, I was amazed how quickly I was able to learn the sentence structures. With the clear instructions and explanations in class, the grammar became quite simple and I spoke Chinese in almost no time. There are no tenses in Chinese, which makes it easier to learn than any other language. I'm very happy with the course and will attend to the next one.

                          Emile Demarteau, Dutchsoftware engineer at ASML

                          Learning Chinese is something I wanted to do for a long time, but I did not know exactly how to start. Joining the beginner course really got me started! The class takes you gradually into the amazing world of Chinese language. The teacher is very easy to communicate with and understands all the students needs. She helps starters to pick up the most difficult parts of the language, such as the tones. Her motivated way of explaining the characters makes it easier for you to remember all those strokes.

                          After the beginner course I was amazed, with how many words we had learned and the sentences we could make with those. I would recommend this course to anyone who is enthusiastic to learn Chinese.

                            Kris Zych, Polish
                            Kris Zych, PolishPhysicist at IHC Merwede

                            Learning Chinese is believed to be a difficult task. And it is. Nevertheless the teacher knows how to make it easier to learn. The enthusiasm and energy keeps students motivated and inspired during the whole course. I enjoyed the feeling that I gradually was able to speak more after each lesson. The classes are not only about the language, but also about Chinese history and culture. I loved to hear the story behind the shape of every Chinese character we learned. So far I went for one business and one backpacking trip to China. If someone asks me about the usefulness of the course, I would state the following :
                            -Being able to bargain in Chinese: you pay 3 times less than an average tourist
                            -The reaction of an old Chinese lady, when you’re ordering a portion of dumplings, using a correct Mandarin sentence: PRICELESS.

                              Maya de Best, Dutch
                              Maya de Best, DutchSports Organization Coordinator
                              My teacher is a good instructor and can explain grammar very clearly. She can also connect my mother tongue (Dutch) with Chinese in a good way. The comparison between these two helped me to understand much faster. The course increased my confidence immensely to manage this language.
                                Tim Hulsen, Dutch
                                Tim Hulsen, Dutchscientist at Philips

                                It was a pleasure follow this course. Not only did we learn how to speak, write, read, and listen to a great amount of Chinese sentences, we also learned a lot about the background of the characters and about the Chinese culture. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to learn the basics in just a few months. I am really looking forward to the next course!

                                  Dave Corben, British
                                  Dave Corben, BritishTechnologist at Philips
                                  I think the Chinese lessons at the High Tech Campus are excellent! I enjoyed them very much and was surprised how quickly we were able to make quite complex sentences. I am looking forward to the next class!
                                    Annemieke van der Peet, Dutch
                                    Annemieke van der Peet, DutchMidwife
                                    I thought the whole course was great fun. I never thought I’d actually be able to speak and read some Chinese after only 10 lessons, but I am! In fact, our teacher is so motivating and stimulating that I am seriously considering taking the intensive course as well. Just imagine, me speaking Mandarin!!
                                      Peter Tsang, Dutch & SurinameScientist at Philips
                                      The Chinese course was a lot fun and very easy to follow. We made fast progress in speaking, writing and reading in a very short time.