How to Improve Chinese Writing Skills

Writing in Chinese plays a very important role in learning Chinese. If you could write a good Chinese essay, it means you may reach a very high level of mastering Chinese. You may very admire that someone could write a very nice Chinese essay. However, become a good Chinese writer is not innate, as long as you grasp the right writing method of Chinese, you could write good Chinese essays someday. Here are 5 ways to improve your Chinese writing skills.

  1. Enlarge your Chinese vocabulary

Just like the bricks to the buildings, Chinese vocabulary is the basis of Chinese writing. Just assume, if you are going to write a Chinese sentence, 8 of the 10 words you can’t spell right and 2 of the 10 words you don’t know how to use them appropriately, how could you write a good Chinese sentence, let alone write a nice Chinese essay and express your ideas clearly. Therefore, during the Chinese learning, you should try your best to memorize the meanings and the Chinese characters of the words you have learned. How to memorize the Chinese vocabulary, different ways for different people. Word dictation; sentence writing; use Chinese vocabulary cards and so on, all of these are good ways to help you memorize Chinese vocabulary. Enlarge your vocabulary is a long journey, it needs repetition and persistence. Accumulate lots of Chinese vocabulary, so as to lay a solid foundation to your Chinese writing.

  1. Read more Chinese articles

There is a Chinese saying, “only through reading thousands of books can one write fluently”. Reading more Chinese articles help you receive more information and develop your ability of writing Chinese sentence patterns. During the practice of reading Chinese articles, there are two points you need to pay attention. Firstly, try to summarize the article’s general ideas in your own words, which help you write sentences in Chinese pattern. Secondly, intensive reading and extensive reading combine together. Intensive reading help you enlarge your vocabulary; while extensive reading help you have better and more accurate choice when you pick up the words in your Chinese articles.

  1. Translate some articles from your native language to Chinese

At the very beginning, you may find that you don’t have any ideas about writing a Chinese articles, which means you don’t have content to write. In that period, translate some articles form your native language to Chinese is recommended. Translation is very good and efficient way to help you improve your grammar skills and sentences structure skills for Chinese writing. You had better choose the articles which have the versions of your native language and Chinese both. After you finish your translation, you can compare your translation version with the original Chinese version, then you will find which place you need to correct. There’s no doubt that after doing a few of translation exercises, your Chinese grammar will be greatly improved. That’s means your Chinese writing will be improved also.

  1. Write down your writing inspiration in Chinese anytime and anywhere

Please take a note book with you. When you have any ideas or feelings about some topics, just write it down in Chinese. Maybe when you are read a novel, you moved by one of the characters, just write down your feelings at that moment. Or you listen to a song, you have some thoughts or unique opinions about a line of the lyric, write it down in your notebook. Remember, do not write it down in your native language, just use Chinese. You may feel it is a little difficult to write Chinese at the very beginning, but after a few times practice, it will become easier and you will just get used to write something in Chinese.

  1. Practice writing in Chinese as much as you can

Any successful acquisition is necessary efforts and price. If you want to write a good Chinese essay, keep writing is definitely necessary. There’s are lots of social website or chat tools which are popular in China, such as wechat, microblog and QQ. You can record your life by writing a few lines in Chinese or a complete Chinese essay, then publish the words on the websites. Someone may leave a comment below your articles. Either correct your grammar or just a few discussion about your essays will help you improve your Chinese writing skills.

Writing in Chinese in not easy. Once you master the method, you need to keep practicing. After a few days practice, your Chinese writing skills will be improved greatly. Do not hesitate, let’s practice writing in Chinese from today!

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