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熊猫星雅武雯抵达荷兰 Panda Xingya & Wuwen arrived in the Netherlands

xióng māo Xīngyǎ Wǔwén dǐ dá Hélán 熊猫星雅武雯抵达荷兰 4 yuè 12 rì 19 shí 30 fēn,āmǔsītèdān jī pǔ jīchǎng yíng lái le liǎng wèi guìbīn. 4月12日19时30分,阿姆斯特丹基浦机场迎来了两位贵宾. tāmen shì láizì zhōngguó de xióngmāo “xīng yǎ” hé “wǔ wén”,tāmen jiāng zài hélán…

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